We are Responsible for the Quality of our Lives

Posted on January 30, 2018

We are Responsible for the Quality of our Lives

Group Sessions – My group focus for 2018 is ‘Balancing the Chakras’. Using Resonance Repatterning®, we will focus on a particular chakra each month starting from the Root to the Crown. We will identify the problem you are having that is associated with the Chakra imbalance. Using Resonance Kinesiology (muscle-checking), we will proceed by clarifying the chakra non-coherence involved, the emotional response and resulting manifestation in your physical body. From here, we will verify the unresolved earlier experience underlying the chakra non-coherence and what negative conclusions you came to about yourself, others and life because of this experience. The involved vertebral non-coherence, chakra triad disruption and distortions, as well as the chakra shock will be determined, all of which will be transformed, by discovering what is needed to balance the chakra.

We will be meeting the second Thursday of each month, 7- 9 pm MT, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Be sure to save the dates! If you cannot make it in person, I can proxy you in. The groups are only $25. You can send a check or I take MC/VISA. One week before the group, I email a questionnaire to those who have RSVP’d, so you have time to answer the questions and email it back by the Wednesday before. This way I have time to read your answers and include them in the Repatterning so the results are more personal. One week after the Repatterning you will receive notes from the session via email. The results are beginning! If this speaks to you give me a call at 602.864.7662 or RSVP by email, Victoria @ ExtraordinaryOutcomesPublishing.com.

Monthly Special – I am declaring 2018 to be the ‘Year of the Family’. Out of all the nine methods I use to help people, Healing the Family Systems based on Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation theory is the most profound. Every month I will have a Repatterning Special based on releasing the wounds and generational patterns from your biological family. It is time to free yourself and move forward in your own life with confidence, ease, and grace. I would recommend taking advantage of this opportunity every month. The topics included are: accepting your biological mother and father and releasing codependency, the struggle for power, hidden loyalty and the victim-perpetrator cycle, so you can be at peace with yourself.

Transformational Workshops – Out of my passion and commitment to help people achieve their goals and dreams, I developed my ‘Heal Your Birth Journey-Heal Your Life’ Workshop, which clears unconscious patterns from conception, through the gestation and during the birth journey. I have led this workshop for over six years and have made a huge difference in the lives of many. I recently developed another workshop called, ‘Heal Your Family System – Heal Your Life’ which I began offering in the fall of 2015. This workshop clears your biological family and generational patterns. Both workshops offer CEU’s for RPA members.

Fees: Contact Practitioner. In addition to my regular sessions, I have specials which can be found on my monthly Newsletter. If you are interested, please sign up on my website at ExtraordinaryOutcomes.com.

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