Healing Methods

The art of healing—using energetic coherence—has been practiced for thousands of years. Quantum physicists are now in agreement with ancient eastern cultures that everything in the universe is composed of pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. They have proven that “like energy attracts like energy” which is the basis for creating your reality. When your thoughts and emotions—which are all energy—vibrate incongruently, you attract a less than desirable reality. Changing your reality is as simple as aligning the vibratory frequency of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and habits to manifest positive changes in your life.

The following healing methods are distinct from trying to change your reality through setting goals, declaring intentions, inventing possibilities, and repeating positive affirmations. These healing methods actually get to the root cause of what is holding you back from having what you desire. They align your energy, frequency, and vibration such that you attract—or are attracted to—extraordinary outcomes in all areas of your life.


This healing method is designed to clear limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors, and negative emotions that prevent you from having what you want in life.  Much of what holds you back emanates from unconscious programming developed during early stages of childhood that now interferes with your ability to create the happiness, abundance, fulfillment, self-expression, love, relationships, and health that you desire…


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Three magical words? What could they possibly be? And, can they really create a magical life? You’ve heard the words all your life. You’ve said them many times. You’ve probably never considered them to be magical. However, I can assure you using them authentically is magicalYou’ve probably never considered them to be magical. However, I can assure you using them authentically is magical indeed…


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Everyone is responsible for the quality of their own life. It is up to you to go for what is in your heart and soul. Follow your inner nudges, trust your intuition, and act on those gut feelings, they are there for a reason. Let them guide you to a miraculous life, remembering most of all…


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Discover how an intimate, romantic relationship can be a profound and sacred journey into your greatness. A journey where breakdowns are unexpected gifts and where breakthroughs are truly possible—a means of personal growth and transformation. This book explores the many ways you can…


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Juliana is a ten-year-old girl who discovers and befriends the sensational and mysterious fairy realm. She is amazed at how effortlessly she communicates with the fairies through telepathy. She is immediately confronted by a personal dilemma—who can she trust with this secret? Her best friend has betrayed her. Dare she tell…


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