M. Young Resonance Repatterning :: Phoenix

I am so pleased with the ‘Extraordinary Outcomes’ from my sessions. I am sleeping better, eating is changing, I’m more at peace, and I don’t feel reactive to things without thinking, the self-talk isn’t mindless chatter, but most of all…I have been feeling a bit alive where I haven’t in years. I feel like a different person…I can’t remember the last time I felt normal. I am excited about getting even better!

My energy has improved and I feel lighter. I feel so different. I am just looking forward to more improvements! Thank you Victoria. I feel free! and I don’t know from what, except from my old self.

Since the last session, I no longer have a leaky bladder! Thank you.

A. Allison Resonance Repatterning :: Kansas

I don’t think I ever got the chance to tell you how you have changed my life.

When you met me, I had just moved from New York where I had graduated college and went into stripping to pay off my college loan debt. I could also barely speak as I had lost my voice during the last few weeks I was in New York.

During our first meeting, you managed to pull out an old thought pattern I had been telling myself about many things starting with a traumatic event when I was 10- that it was all my fault. Then you sprayed something on my throat and I swear, a half hour after my session, I got my voice back.

I saw you again a year later and someone that seemed meaningful left my life. I began to understand that negative patterns can be broken through the subconscious even if I did not quite understand.

Since then, I have moved to Kansas, I am living with a man I have known since high school and things are peaceful and good. I have a job that enables me to help others. I am a recruiter and help people get jobs. I feel fulfilled and at peace. Most of all, I know longer beat myself up over every little short coming and I no longer feel attracted to men with dark histories or patterns.

I love you for your existence and all that you do for everyone.

N. Rephael Healing the Family System :: Phoenix

During the year I participated in the Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation Repatternings, the material we delved into was riveting, profound, and life-changing. I felt that I had consistent progress in my life toward resolving lifelong issues. I became aware of existing patterns that were driving or limiting me, and was able to make changes. I noticed positive changes in my relationships with others, curtailing boundary violations and opening ways for improved relating. I had more patience, joy, peace, inner strength, creativity and happiness. These openings have continued ever since.

Currently, I am stepping into an improved career and lifestyle that represents a step closer to my true calling, my home life is more peaceful, my health continues strong, and my finances, while still stabilizing, have victoriously seen me through much growth. I owe much growth to my participation in our group sessions and particularly recognize the depth and value it has had in my life. It’s been stunning!




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